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Get the best pet health education right at your fingertips!

AVMA Pet Care

You and your veterinarian make up the all-star team when it comes to keeping your pet healthy. But you're not just a Most Valuable Player on the team, you've got an opportunity to be a MPVO - Most Valuable Pet Owner. How can you do that?


Vetapedia is an online resource designed to help veterinarians and staff answer pet owners' questions and promote active interest in pet health.


PawPage is a free social networking platform created to bring together pet owners and pet businesses in an engaging experience that goes beyond traditional face-to-face meetings, uniting users that all share a common love for their pets.

My PetCare TV

PetCARE TV, LLC is a leader in providing the veterinary profession with client education tools to improve client awareness of pet health needs and the role their veterinarian plays in the delivery of these services.